A. Transport:
• Rules made for school bus managed by the concerned authorities to ensure school bus safety for the students.

B. Library:
• Class room library provided
• The library of a school acts as a store house of knowledge. Our school library contains newspaper, generals, story books and other subject reference books.

C. Computer lab: Available
• 1st grade – Basics about computer
• 2nd to 5th grade – Practical (10 people at a time)
• Students, faculty and staff have access to the computer lab. And the labs are well equipped with internet access.
• Well-designed and separate computer labs for kids, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty with one on one.

D. Science lab:
• Geetanjali believes that, students should have sound practical training to substantiate expression. It has developed full – fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Science. The innovative curriculum design helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation in the areas of scientific theories, life processes, materials and their physical & chemical properties. Students are given proper demonstrations and are expected to conduct these experiments as stipulated in their curriculum. Students along with their teachers are encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposia as well as science fairs.

E. Digital Classrooms:

• Our school has a fully equipped audio visual room which simplifies learning through multimedia facilities.
• It helps the teacher to present the lesson effectively and students to learn and retain the concepts better and for long duration. Which improves student’s critical and analytical thinking.