Pre-primary & Primary curriculum:

Our curriculum is a Singapore based academic program for schools that builds thinking skills and problem solving confidence in children. Our children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.

Our teaching method was designed in 2008 after over five years of research by alumni from Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, and IIM Ahmadabad. It is also called the 5-step experimental learning approach. The approach to teaching and learning was specially developed to align with existing international standards and the syllabus of various boards, including the US Core, Singapore, India (CBSE, ICSE, State Boards), and the Philippines (K-12 standards of the Department of Education). In the classroom, curriculum replaces a knowledge transmission or “teaching as telling” approach with an inquiry-based, constructivist approach that uses hands on activities, followed by reflection and feedback. It also emphasizes rigour through practice and assessment.



A specially designed integrated curriculum (CBSE, ICSE & SSC) that gives additional edge, which shall equip the child to survive better in today’s competitive world. Today’s world portraits the success as the endurance for competition and the modern education highly emphasizes competition. To stand out among competitors, students need a lot of practice and dedication.

Our olympiad programme is a platform where the students are trained on customized preparatory material with a strong academic potential and inclination. Our curriculum enables the students to secure seats in top Engineering colleges like IIT’s, NIIT’s, BIT’s, IIIT’s and Medical colleges like AIMS, JIPMER through JEE, NEET and other national level competitive exams.

The objective periodical tests like CDF (Concepts, Definition, Formula), JEE Mains & Advance helps the students to build the confidence to face different olympiad exams and national level competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

A strong foundation is laid for students to go on and become global achievers in their field which ever they choose.The content is divided into different levels, so that the students do not feel overburdened with the syllabus. Remarkable care is taken to see that the components of the curriculum are according to their normal course of study related to the class in which they are studying at present.

Geetanjali concentrate on value based education integrating all areas of analytical & theoretical knowledge and communication skills of the child.

We provide ethic and moral education besides academic excellence and also believe that pupil is the life time learner and provide all round development with well trained genius faculty.

Highlights of our Curriculum

1. Conceptual learning rather than rote learning.

2. Emphasis on public speaking, interpersonal and communication skills & team work.

3. Priority is given to holistic growth, thus personality building forms an integral part of their education.

4. Dedicated faculty with an in-depth subject knowledge.

5. No requirement of any extra help outside the class.

6. Continuous grading, assessment of the child.

7. Specially designed extra-curricular activity program which includes internal competition.

8. We instill –

  • Punctuality, Discipline & Confidence
  • Sense of humanism, Scientific Temperament & Devotion to Duty