• At Geetanjali School, we believe in working with students to create future global citizens who are not only well educated, but also well-rounded.
• To help to reach that goal, we divide whole strength into four houses. Students are placed into a house and allow them to compete against other houses in academics, arts, fine arts, literature, and sports. These school and house activities help the students showcasing their learning also developing a sense of teamwork and pride in individual accomplishments as well.
Extra-Curricular Activities
“All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy.”
• Extra-curricular activities are those activities, often sports-based, that take place outside of the classroom, helping students to develop their personalities and physical aptitude.
Co-Curricular Activities
• Co-curricular activities take what students are learning in the classroom and builds upon that through talent shows, performances, competitions, clubs and additional classroom work. Examples of our co-curricular activities include:
 Vocal music
 Bharatanatayam & Western dance
 Musical Instruments – Guitar, keyboard
 Art & Craft
 Hobby Clubs – Science, IT, Math etc.
• These clubs and activities encourage our students to develop their inner skills that they are passionate about.
• Beyond the innovation, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inside as well as outside the classroom, so they can identify with different interests, passions and personalities.
To learn more about the way our school activities help mould students into future leaders and innovators.

In an academic year, 6 field trips are planned along with picnic and educational tour.
A well-designed, outside the classroom, hands-on learning experience. Our motto of field trip is to enhance the Knowledge with student’s involvement by utilizing their understanding of how things Work.
As leaders in experience-based education, we work hard to reach the places, which suits the students of all ages. All the field trips are grade/age appropriate and align with national, state or provincial learning standards.