My School Home after Home

A School is a place where

  • a series of hands-on, personalized, engaging experiences go on that preserve student curiosity and joy of learning.
  • students work independently, find common threads among their interests and concerns.
  • varied learning styles are honored.
  • emotional and intellectual support is offered to students.
  • a focus on collaboration and the benefits of lifelong learning would be the keys as they say –

    “We all need to learn from each other”.

  • clarity of communication, sincerity of observations, and the passion of vision define the value system of the institution.


To provide stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation of grooming each student to excel in academics and create a mark of his/her own, in career & life.


– A holistic development of a student to face any challenge in life, academically, professionally and personally.
– To groom young leaders of future India with a clear mind set of “Freedom to think Right”
-To provide an environment in which every student will

  • Develop positive attitude.
  • Develop moral and ethical values.
  • Develop interest in physical, emotional, intellectual and creative areas of life..

Geetanjali Educational Institutions is successfully running its programme and has seen many students to be IITians, Medical practitioners and civil servants.

“Our success lies in the hands of our Olympiads.”