Creative writing Policy

Communication skills, with good language & vocabulary are playing a major role in today’s world. To improve the student’s mind space, we give a general topic in the weekends and ask the student to write at least 15 – 20 lines about that and submit on Monday.

Home Work Policy

Academicians say that
“a student who is attentive and concentrated in the class room has learnt 50%. A student who takes time to recollect and revise what is taught in the school will definitely reach 100%.”

Our homework policy reinforces the regular study habits of a student at home. 1 ½hr to 2hr of reading & writing practices everyday will undoubtedly see the student achieve excellent results.

Hand Writing Policy

Presentation skills are very important for a student to present his knowledge on paper. Hand-writing plays an important role in training the students with regular writing practice and good presentation skills.

Students with good hand-writing will be rewarded in occasions. The students who are in the improving state also will be appreciated whenever they show consistent improvement.

Language Policy

We have developed our language policy in such a way that it supports the needs of the students, rules and conventions of our state, national and international boards of examinations.

Mother tongue is made compulsory right from kindergarten to secondary classes.

National language, Hindi is made compulsory from Grade 1 only.

International Language, English is compulsory as the medium of instruction from PP1 to Grade X

Note:As per the prevailing rules and regulations of the state and central government and the examination boards, we may amend the language policy of the school.