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Teachers are building blocks of any institution. Geetanjali Educational institutions are supported by dedicated team of professionals who are committed to raising the bench mark for education. Our faculty is dynamic, inspiring and highly motivated to foster maximum potential in students.

They are trained to meet different abilities & needs of the students. Our primary teachers attend workshops & training sessions conducted by discover.

The team of the Olympiad programme meet periodically and develop a micro level plan to implement effectively. Every teaching class is followed by learning session for mathematics, physics and chemistry in which the students apply the knowledge & concepts to solve the problems.

Every main faculty is associated with a supporting members to guide the students in analysing and solving the problems. Therefore, the teacher – student ratio in our is 1:15 only. This is a quite efficient and effective ratio to ensure the development of the skills and results of the students.

Our teachers are technologically sound to use the smart class content in the class rooms their high qualifications and experience, Support the system of the school to grow and spread its fragrance throughout.

Backed by rich educational experiences from having worked in various prestigious institutes across India, our staff members give all the support to groom our young adults into future citizens.
We conduct various teacher training workshops on

  • personality development,
  • spoken English,
  • subject-oriented sessions,
  • team building, etc.

so that these professional training sessions, teacher reviews and academic guide lines by the Heads of the institution help to improve the standards and systems towards excellence at Geetanjali.