Geetanjali Olympiad school is committed to an international education with a great deal of insistence on researched learning and well-documented study systems.
The school offers quality education that compares well with international schools across the world and with leading institutions everywhere. Good education should enable people to

“Not only be able to write – but do what is right
Not only learn to count – but do what counts
Not only make their living – but makes them live.”


A student who enters the portal of the school will find a challenging academic atmosphere and will have exposure to all kinds of intellectual, physical, co-curricular and extracurricular pursuits which makes learning whole some & rewarding. Students are given opportunities to develop their own talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues, while contributing to the healthy development of their own school campus and community.
The school is divided into four wings.

Pre – Primary wing PP1 & PP 2
Primary wing Grades I to V
Senior wing Grades VI to X

The supporting educational boards with which the school is affiliated to are


Activity-oriented teaching & student-centered methodology are the assets of our teachers. The XSEED curriculum from idiscoveri is providing all the guidance and support for grade PP1 to V in implementing our action plan of teaching and sees the reflection of learning in our students.

The IIT Olympiad programme is designed for grades VI to X. It is a self-documented curriculum which supports the basic conceptual needs of the students. By the time a student leaves our institution (Grade X) he/she is sure to have gathered his/her own intellectual property that helps them to meet the needs in the competitive world.
The Olympiad programme is extensively useful to the students as it lays a strong foundation in the basic subjects like mathematics and science and nurtures them to achieve their goals.